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Main » 2011 » August » 16
Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith had a major role in the British blues boom of the 1960s, playing in the bands of Alexis Korner, Graham Bond, and John Mayall. In all of his work, and particularly in the late-'60s band Colosseum, he ventured into the little-explored territory where blues, jazz, and rock meet.

In addition to doing session work, he's released some solo recordings.

In the late 80´s he began to work with jazz-guitarplayer John Etheridge:

"Other noteworthy albums during the course of the 1990´s are Dick´s work with The John Etheride Group on Obesession Fees, an eight-track album resulting in a tour of Germany"
(Stephanie Lynne Thorburn  in her biography of Dick Heckstall-Smith)

This is their second album, recorded live in Erlangen/Germany and is a real fine example of Dick Heckstall-Smith and his very own, very special style of playing jazz-rock.

John Etheridge (guitar)
Rainer Glass (bass)
Dick Heckstall-Smith (saxophone)
Joe Nay (drums)

01. Venerable Bede (Etheridge)8.58
02. Woza Nasu (Heckstall-Smith) 18.41
03. Moongoose
(Heckstall-Smith) 13.42
04. Baiere
(Etheridge) 9.24

ARMU 0045
Views: 920 | Added by: Riffmaster | Date: 2011-08-16 | Comments (11)

Wow, Pot Liquor. A truly great band, from my home state. I was in jr. high school when Pot Liquor was a top regional touring act. Likemany great acts, they never sold records like they should have. But they did tour, and expose many young southerners to what amounts to some of the first "southern rock" bands. I love all their stuff (4 studio albums from 1970-1974), but am particularly partial to Louisiana Rock and Roll. I am glad to see mp3's finally available. With the help of a like minded Louisiana music fan, we have recently put all of their recorded catalog on cd (2 discs), lovingly restored from vinyl damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Some of the best music, ever! And, the best name ever for a southern rock band!

As for "Louisiana Rock and Roll", it rocks! From the opening of "You Can't get there form Here, to the closing track, "Guitar Boogie", this is one of the foinest rock and roll records I have ever heard. Favorite songs include the two mentioned, along with "Waitin' for me at the River", "St. Jude's Blues" and the title track. 5 Stars for "Louisian Rock and Roll". Pot Liquor rocked my generation.

Jerry Amoroso (drums, percussion, vocals)
George Ratzlaff (keyboards, guitar, harmonica, percussion, vocals)
Guy Schaeffer (bass, vocals)
Les Wallace (guitar, Vocals)
Bud Brasher (horn)
Baton Rouge Symphony (strings)
Art de Cesare (Horn)
Charlie Depuy (horn)
Lee Fortier (Horn)
Cy Frost (synthesizer)
Louisiana Horns (horn)
Bill Ludwig (horn)
Leon Medica (bass, vocals)
New Orleans Symphony (strings)
Nick Rousee (horn)

01. You Can't Get There From Here (Kelly) 3.20    
02. Waitin' for Me at the River (Ratzlaff) 4.22    
03. Taj and Jimmy's Blues (Mahal/Reed) 5.39    
04. Rip It Up (Wallace) 2.35
05. H (Wallace) 4.50    
06. Louisiana Rock & Roll (Ratzlaff) 3.20    
07. St. Jude's Blues (Amoroso) 2.59    
08. Born Under a Bad Sign (Bell/Jones) 5.21    
09. Guitar Boogie (Ratzlaff) 3.37    
10. For You (Wallace) 4.35 

Alternate frontcover

ARMU 0044
Views: 3215 | Added by: Riffmaster | Date: 2011-08-16 | Comments (0)

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