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Without music, life woud be a mistake (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,
I would still plant my apple tree
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Main » 2011 » August » 28
With his latest release, Bill Douglas once again defies all imagination w/ this beautiful album. As in past recordings, he is again accompained on several songs w/ the Ars Nova Singers. He is also accompained w/ various instruments such as clarinet, cello, oboe, flute, violin, frame drum and cymbals. Douglas himself plays piano, bassoon, and synthesizers. The alternative flow of chorals & instrumentals is very soothing. If you aren't familiar w/ the music of Bill Douglas, you are in for a treat in purchasing this or any other of his wonderful cd's. In this particular cd, he takes the poetry of W.B. Yeats, Emily Dickenson, Rachel Faro and an excert from the Bibles' Song of Soloman and arranges them into song. On previous other works, he has used a variety of other poets. His music is so breathtaking and so beautiful, it is the ultimate in serenity. If you are looking for some music to relax with, you've come to the right place. But don't mistake this for 'some New Age stuff' that comes and goes. It is certainly much more than that and you'd have to hear it to truly understand and appreciate it. What incredible God-given talent Douglas has! I know of no other artist who can take a simple poem and arrange it musically, so that you feel overwhelmed with it's beauty. What a masterful idea to combine poetry and music! I have a chronic illness, so serentiy is a must in dealing w/ things. One way I do that is through his music, which is my favorite to unwind & relax with. This would make a really great gift for yourself or anyone in your life, who is under alot of stress. Deep Peace is another good cd. If you're looking for a compilation of some of his work, try Eternity's Sunrise. Anytime I have one of his cd's on and someone happens to drop by, they always comment on how beautiful it is and ask "Who is that!?!" Also of interest are the poems themselves that Douglas has listed in the liner notes. Nice to read them to yourself as they are being sung. A Place Called Morning will soothe your mind and your spirit! Enjoy!

Ty Burhoe (drums, tabla)
Peter Cooper (oboe)
Bill Douglas (bassoon, piano, synthesizer)
Judith Glyde (cello)
Bil Jackson (clarinet)
Yumi Hwang (violin)
Timothy Quigley (cymbals)
Anne Stackpole-Cuellar (flute)
Ars Nova Singers (vocals)

01. Lake Isle Of Innisfree (Douglas) 4.29
02. Emerald Dawn
(Douglas) 3.58
03. Forest Hymn (Douglas) 4.15
04. Morning Song (Douglas) 2.38
05. Tara (Choral Version) (Douglas) 4.21
06. Lovely Is The Rose (Douglas) 4.03
07. Golden Rain (Douglas) 3.51
08. Wings Of The Wind (Douglas) 2.21
09. Spectrum Of Violet (Douglas) 5.22

10. A Place Called Morning (Douglas) 5.04
11. Intermezzo (Douglas) 3.42
12. Sadness Of The Moon (Douglas) 3.56
13. Rise Up, My Love (Douglas) 4.08

ARMU 0070
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