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Main » 2011 » August » 24 » Herman´s Hermits - Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter (1968)
9:07 PM
Herman´s Hermits - Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter (1968)
At the very peak of the British Invasion, few bands were as universally embraced as Herman's Hermits. Cheeky, cute, and capable of pumping out a piece of pure pop bliss now and again, they represented the clever, commercial phase of the movement.

While The Beatles were experimenting with new sounds and structures and The Rolling Stones were perfecting their blues-based cock rock, Peter Noone and the boys rode a wave of sunny sentiment that would equally illuminate such other ancillary acts as Freddy and the Dreamers, Peter and Gordon, and Chad and Jeremy. As with many music phenomenons, movies were seen as a quick way to lay claim to more international attention. After all, the Fab Four more or less invented the idea with A Hard Day's Night (don't tell that to UK idol Cliff Richards, though).

After a couple of cameos and a surreal space race comedy (Hang On), one of their most famous songs was used as the basis for a buoyant British class comedy. At the time, Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter must have played like a subversive slice of Manchester madness. Today, it's a curio cast in an equally confusing light.

And this is the soundtrack ... beat goes easy listening !

Karl Green (bass, vocals)
Keith Hopwood (guitar, vocals)
Derek Leckenby (guitar, vocals)
Peter Noone (vocals)
Barry Whitwam (drums)

01. It´s Nice To Be Out InThe Morning (Gouldman) 2.26
02. Holiday Inn (Stephens) 2.22
03. Ooh, She´s Done It Again (Gouldman) 2.16
04. There´s A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) (Reed/Stephens) 2.34
05. Lemon And Lime (Gouldman) 2.44
06. The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life (Young) 1.54
07. Daisy Chain, Pt. 1 (Green/Hopwood/Leckenby/Noone) 2.50
08. Daisy Chain, Pt. 2 (Green/Hopwood/Leckenby/Noone) 1.58
09. The World Is For The Young (Gouldman) 2.44
10. Mr.s Brown You´ve Got A Lovely Daughter (Peacock) 2.48
11. Regardez-Moi (Young) 3.21
12. Years May Come, Years May Go (Fishman/Popp) 3.38
13. Smile Please (King/Most/Noone) 2.42
14. Bet Yer Life I Do (Brown/wilson) 2.37
15. Searching For The Southern Sun (Green/Hopwood/Leckenby) 2.41
16. Lady Barbara (Bigazzi/Wilson) 3.43
17. Don´t Just Stand There (King/Most/Noone/Spiro) 3.43
18. Big Man (Belland/Larson) 2.20
19. Wings Of Love (Campbell/Spyropoulos) 3.18
20. Mum And Dad (Callander) 2.01

ARMU 0061
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